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Have you ever wondered what a disease actually is? It’s the cause due to which someone is not able to live with ‘ease’. We may not accept the fact that all diseases start in our mind. But researchers and alternative therapists across the world are now claiming with enough evidence that there is a connection between our mental state and physical health. The negative thought patterns and anxieties that start in our mind will lead to our future illness.

Louise Lynn Hay an American motivational author and the founder of Hay House describe in her Best-selling book ‘You can heal your life’ about connection of our thoughts to diseases ‘The body like everything else in life is a mirror of our inner thoughts and beliefs. Every Cell in our body responds to every single thought you think and every word you speak. These modes of the thinking produce body behaviour’s called disease.’

For example negative emotions like guilt, resentment, criticism are negative patterns and are self- destructive. When these are accumulated in our mind may create problems to our well-being. Consider a simple scenario when a person is frustrated and tensed he cannot think clearly compared to when he is in a calmer state. In recent times, people go through lot of stressful situations in their daily lives due to work pressure, pollution etc. To overcome these factors alternative therapies such as yoga, meditation are gaining importance.

Disease is a cope up mechanism our mind adapts to as a response to the external factors. This realisation helps us in dealing with our illness in a better way. We can try this as a therapy along with the traditional treatments or medications. We can start by analysing the mental patterns one or two years before the start of the chronic diseases. These leads can give hints to start working on creating positive patterns replacing the negative ones which are cause of the underlying physical illness.

Consciously creating positive mental patterns will have a huge impact on our well-being and health. Start your day with attitude of gratitude by saying thank you to the universe for the positive things/people/situations in your life. Slowly you will start realizing the value of life. Replace any negative thought with positive one. Practice relaxation with yoga or simple five minute meditation. These things may not cure the disease completely but definitely help you setting up your path towards healing.

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