Ear Rings

How To Make Silk Thread Ear Rings:

Learn how to make silk threaded Earrings using the below quick and easy design. These are  wonderful gift for any occasion and I am  sure they will  admired these kind of Gifts!

Materials required for the Silk Threaded Ear Rings are given below:

Preparation for Silk threaded Ear Rings:

There are no special equipment is needed – all you need  to do is get creative with colour!

The instructions given below are based on the stone and golden lace Earrings that I made for my Sister. I use silk thread and stone laces as it is traditionally looks so nice, but you can also use a pearl border  for other kind of Ear rings.


  • 2 Pieces of 35cm silk thread (choose your own colour )
  • 2 Earring fixtures
  • 2 Needles (make sure they are thin enough to fit your bead holes)
  • Thin pointy object (knitting needle, inside of a ball-point pen…)
  • Glue
  • Beads (as per your choice)

Estimated time for two Ear Rings : 20-30 minutes.


First we need to take silk thread as 2-3 Mitres and then thread the needle then chose plastic cups as shown above as per your required size and then quilled all over the plastic cup with the help of silk thread and fixed with the Ear Ring  fixture and finally make sure to decorate the bottom line with different designs like golden lace border,pearls border or stone border etc.

These are the designs I have done recently for my Sister


Here are some of the following Silk thread Bangles as shown below

Stay tuned for more Updates…!

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