About Us

Jeevana Jyothi G
Co Founder & Artist

The little desire of making something creative out of waste and unnecessary things leads to a nicely managed website loaded with beautiful crafts.

Here you can see a superb blend of my Recycle hobby and my sister’s affluent web designing. Being a superb partner my sister has a well-managed to include my skills of craft in her designed website.

This promising website is a result of my sister’s passion for using digital media and my appealing craft by using recycled material.

Our hard work and superb presentation have made this website highly demanding amongst the people especially craft lovers.

Later this hobby converts into the profession and becomes a trusted place for artist and craftsman to present their skills with the help of digital media.

At the same time, we managed to work on developing an art of a parenting family life and it also helps us to present top 10 parenting skills for our viewers.

There is a little art behind every work do. Either it is parenting, craft, design or anything related to the daily life.

We should focus on developing this art in a most effective way useful for the people.

This is a reason behind the popularity of our website that we have skilfully converted our hobby to a profession helpful for the people of every age group.

This is a great opportunity for new as well as an experienced artist to develop their skill through our website and also a nice place to visit for exploring eye-catching craft worldwide.

You can avail all about craft, parenting skills, blogging and also the useful art and craft ideas.

Madhavi G
Co Founder & Web Designer

As a curious person, I was always interested in things related to the digital world.

Digital format always makes a good impact than virtual things. Later this keen interest leads me towards a successful career in a digital world.Hard work, determination, and knowledge are the things which drive me to achieve this success.

I was so passionate about the digital media and this helps me to develop a keen interest in creating affluent websites.

The skills I develop through these later prove very helpful in my further studies. Despite being faced with many challenges I managed to focus on the work I was fascinated too.

The most interesting thing happens when my sister joined me on my website. I have a passion about digital media and one day I thought why not I would take as my sister’s hobby as my niche in my website so I approached with that.

Her skills of creativity and my passion make a beautiful combination of the quality website. We as a sister understand each other qualities very well and effectively put it to our work to make are more interesting and joyful.

The main aim of this website is to collect all superb art and craft from all over the world and to provide the platform for all expert creators and artist to present their skills.

 This website includes a wonderful collection of notable art and craft and also blogging. This can be a great place to visit for every art lover.

A superb blend of my web design skills and my sister’s ideas present an amazing blend of presentation of craft in a digital format.